About Renner Equipment Company

Renner Equipment Company was started in March of 1969.The company was formed as a corporation filed under the name of Smith Valley Equipment Co., Inc. in the state of Nevada. The original stockholders were Willard Renner, Kenneth Ragain and Howard Sannar all from Gridley, CA. The corporation was formed with the purpose of buying and selling agricultural equipment, and other related items such as hardware, veterinary supplies, animal feeds, etc. The corporation then purchased the business in Smith, NV from Giomi Brothers that handled the Freeman, Hesston, Farmhand, New Holland, Owatonna and John Deere farm equipment lines. Shortly thereafter, Kenneth Ragain passed away. Willard and his sons, Tom and Don, were actively involved in the business operated out of the Smith store until 1976.

Expansion of the business occurred in 1976 with the purchase of a Yerington business from Etalo Lommori. Tom and Don Renner became stockholders around this time and these proceeds helped fund the purchase of this aquisition. The company also filed to do business under the name of Renner Equipment Company at this time. The business in Yerington was very similar to that of the Smith store in that it also carried a large number of equipment lines. Consolidation of the number of product lines carried became apparent around this time. The business decided to eliminate most of the lines except for the two that were the most prominent and best products on the market. John Deere and New Holland were the two lines the company decided to concentrate on and are the main core of today's business.

Willard Renner became ill in 1985 and passed away shortly thereafter. The remaining stockholders were Howard Sannar, Barrow Bros., Tom Renner and Don Renner. An agreement was setup in 1987 to buy back the stock of Howard Sannar and Barrow Bros. This left the company to Tom and Don Renner. Don Renner assumed the general manager and sales manager position around this time and still assumes these duties. Tom Renner has pursued other interests in a farm in Smith Valley.

Another expansion took place in 1996. The dealership in Fallon, NV became available in May of 1996. Tom Renner decided to sell his stock in the company at that time. Dan Beckett, the parts manager, and Dan Grigsby, the controller purchased his stock. This constitutes the present ownership, with Don Renner, Dan Beckett and Dan Grigsby all involved in the day to day operations of the business.

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Locations   Four Locations Serving Southeast Nevada

Fallon, NV
5222 Reno Hwy
Fallon, NV 89406
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PHONE: (888) 736-6374 or (775) 867-4555
FAX: (775) 867-4556
EMAIL: [email protected]

Smith, NV
2289 HWY 208, P.O. BOX 69
Smith, NV 89430
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PHONE: (775) 465-2217 or (775) 465-2446
FAX: (775) 465-2010
EMAIL: [email protected]

Lovelock, NV
1905 S. Meridian Rd
Lovelock, NV 89406
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PHONE: (775) 273-2935
FAX: (775) 273-3019
EMAIL: [email protected]

Yerington, NV
402 W. Bridge St
Yerington, NV 89406
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PHONE: (775) 463-3535
FAX: (775) 463-5396
EMAIL: [email protected]